Quick, Healthy Weight Loss - How to Stop Spinning on the Diet-Go-Round

How many diets have you tried? How many diets failed? We are a society of overweight and unhealthy individuals seeking quick help for our long losing streak at weight loss diets. Why do we fail? Is it us? Or is it the diet plan? Maybe a bit of both? Let's take an honest look at what we expect of diets and weight loss plans, how we approach them and how to turn a loser into a winner of a diet.

The very first time it hit us that we needed to lose the chub, we determined to be disciplined and eat just carrot sticks and Melba toast. In our mind we want it gone ASAP and no object is too difficult. The problem is that we expect that we will very easily slip into the weight loss mode and never look back. Blissfully, we head down the aisles at the local grocery when we realize we really have no idea what we are up against, namely old habits.

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This ladies magazine said to eat just tuna and raw veggies and skim milk. Yum! In a very short period of time, we realize we miss the goodies and crave them like there is no tomorrow. We are up against the cravings of a lifetime and are defenseless when we face them - unless we approach weight loss as a part of a whole larger plan.

You see, when we compartmentalize weight loss and separate it from the rest of our life, we cannot expect it to "stick". Losing weight isn't just a matter of cutting calories. It is a matter of changing attitudes and habits, like making healthier food choices for the rest of your life, adding a sensible exercise plan you can live with and reducing the causes for stress in our life which add to the eating problems in the first place.

When we are honest about it, our weight crept on over months and years. Can we expect to lose it overnight or even in a month? No, once you realize this will take time and effort, we can talk about what a sensible eating plan looks like. And it doesn't have to have tuna and carrot sticks, either!

A winning weight loss diet includes lots of fresh, whole foods. It includes an exercise plan that fits you and your lifestyle. Hey, it even includes dessert! This diet will fit you so it may not look like the one you read about in some magazine.

Once you determine that you will commit to a healthy eating plan you can live with for the rest of your life, weight loss becomes almost second nature. The focus is not on, "I'm fat, I need to lose weight" it becomes, "I want to be healthy so I will choose good food".

Learn to look at your life as a whole; that quick weight loss isn't your goal as much as getting healthy as soon as possible. Don't be your own worst enemy by expecting to lose your extra weight overnight. Let yourself learn new eating habits and fitness habits. Be patient and take each day one at a time.

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