Finding Quick Weight Loss Diets That Work - Why They Work and Where to Find Them

Quick weight loss diets that work do exist.

I know that most everyone has tried one "fad" diet or another; just to be disappointed with the abysmal results.

Going through that a time or two, is enough to make most people just give up on finding a weight loss plan that will actually work for the long haul.

But there is good news. Thanks to a better medical and physiological understanding of how diets work...and how our bodies respond to dieting; there are a few effective weight loss programs available today...there are quick weight loss diets that work.

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Forget the calorie counting diets unless you have exceptional will power and can deal with feeling deprived by having to avoid the foods you love; even in moderation. If you live a busy life; like most of us today do; the calorie counting method is even harder because we frequently grab meals "on the run". Just try stopping at the drive through and ordering the "low calorie" cheeseburger! Well, there is always a salad; if that leaves you feeling satisfied. Just be sure to use the low-cal dressing; or none at all.

I want to say here that there is no single weight loss program that is right for everyone; and that if any plan works for you; even the "calorie counting" variety; then it must be right for you. If it works then there is no arguing with success.

Most of us; though; need a plan that will do these things:

1) Deliver measurable results.

2) Leave us feeling satisfied; or at least not still hungry after eating.

3) Be reasonably easy to follow in that they do not require incredible will power.

4) Be practical to the point that you can grab meals "on the run" without ruining a week's worth of self control.

5) Allow us to have the foods we love; at least in moderation; so that we do not feel deprived.

Quick weight loss diets that work will deliver all of the above. That is why they work.

So, let's take a look at weight loss programs that can deliver all of the above.

There are "no-carb" diets that claim that carbohydrates are the source of all undesirable weight gain. There is medical evidence to support this to some extent. The problem with these diets is that they encourage you to avoid almost an entire food group instead of eating a healthy balance from all of the food groups. Do they work? For some people they do; and that equals success; at least for the short term. As stated above; there is no arguing with success, so if this works for you; then congratulations. I, however, don't think it is wise to ignore an entire food group.

That brings us to what I call a "hybrid-carbohydrate" weight loss plan. Plans of this nature make more sense to me because rather than being based upon the premise that all carbohydrates are bad and should be avoided; they submit that only certain carbohydrates should be avoided. That allows us to partake sensibly from that food group; as we should; without putting into danger our weight loss goals. These plans suggest that we should primarily consume only "low glycemic" carbs which are more readily converted into energy by the body rather than being stored as fat. I personally had very good results with a plan of this nature. I lost almost forty pounds in less than four months. The downside was that you had to buy pre-packaged food; which I did not have a problem with; except when getting meals "on the run". Additionally; once I stopped buying the pre-packaged food and tried to return to "normal" eating habits; the weight; of course: returned.

So now, I want to talk about quick weight loss diets that work which are based upon a principal just discovered in recent years. These plans take into account the body's natural response to dieting...which is metabolic slow down...and offer a way by which we can diet and still keep our metabolism in "high gear". You see; any successful diet requires that you consume fewer calories than you burn. That is the plain and simple of how we lose weight. We burn more calories than we consume.

We now have "calorie shifting diets" which do not so much alter what we eat as when we eat it. By feeding the body at sufficient intervals to avoid hunger; we keep the metabolism working at its peak; and rather than going into starvation mode; conserving calories; we ramp up the metabolism and burn more calories.

This is working for me. I have lost 20 pounds in the last two months, and I have never felt "deprived".

If you would like to learn more about quick weight loss diets that work, please visit the link below.

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Fat Burning Furnace


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