Natural Weight Loss Pills Versus Their Medicinal Counterparts

The world of medicine has seen some dramatic breakthroughs in the fight for weight loss in recent years, but what about the world of natural weight loss? Are there proven natural weight loss pills, tablets and programs out there that match or even beat the new medicinal forms of weight loss?

So how far has the world of medicine come in the weight loss fight? Drugs such as Xenical have traditionally been a prescription only capsule prescribed to obese patients, and recently, the FDA gave the thumbs up to an over the counter version - Alli. These medicines rely on Orlistat, a lipase inhibitor, that stops fat being absorbed into the body.

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When taken at after eating, Orlistat reduces the amount of fat that is broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the body by about 30%. These fats are expelled naturally and so, with less fat being absorbed, weight loss is achieved.

However, if you are not dangerously overweight, Xenical or Alli may not be the right option for you and you should always consult your doctor should you want to use either of these alternatives. Indeed, there are also some worrying side effects from these less than natural weight loss medicines. Users have reported uncontrollable anal discharges, so taking these Orlistat based drugs could well result in an extremely embarrassing situation. Other possible side effects are oily stools, loss of bowel control, diarrhea, rectal pain, liver inflammation and fatigue. So whilst they undoubtedly aid weight loss Orlistat based products may not be the shining ray of light overweight people have been hoping for.

There are literally hundreds of natural weight loss products on the market, but few of them have been clinically proven to be effective. There are products on the market that are proven to have very similar benefits to Orlistat in reducing fat in take, but with out the nasty side effects. Proactol is a relatively new natural weight loss product that also reduces fat from the food we eat by just under 30%, but in a different way.

Proactol is based on a patented fiber complex. Rather than just preventing fat from being broken down Proactol pulls in fat molecules and binds them into a viscous solution in the stomach. So fat is prevented from entering the body without the embarrassing side effects of Xenical and Alli. Substantial user feedback of Proactol is extremely positive, and as well as reducing fat intake.

Proactol has a number of associated benefits. It helps to suppress appetite, helps to reduce cholesterol levels and decreases food cravings.

With hundreds of "miracle pills" on the market, Proactol is one of the few that lives up to its claims of effectiveness. In a number of pre-clinical trials it has proven to be a highly effective alternative to Orlistat based products but with far few, if any side-effects.

As with all weight loss supplements, Proactol's best results come when used in combination with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. All in all Proactol offers all the benefits that the breakthroughs in have given but minus the bad points. Proactol seems to be a highly efficient natural weight loss alternative.


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