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Would you like to melt away all of your excess body fat without suffering? Without hunger? Without super human willpower? And without buying any magical special weight loss supplements or the latest, greatest fad diet book that features the most amazing before and after photos of a freak of nature who lost over 200lbs and went from looking like a big fat blob of jelly to a very athletic and strong looking body with chiseled six pack abs?

If you have been searching online for information to help you win the battle of the bulge, chances are you have already seen the ads all over the web promising you easy weight loss without dieting or exercise. If you go down to your local bookstore and plunk down $35 to purchase a copy of Gabriels weight loss secret you will discover that the secret formula is to visualize your weight away.

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Gabriel has a great weight loss story to tell but personally I would prefer to invest $35 in a good hypnosis weight loss CD by a certified NLP / Hypno therapist who will talk you through a guided hypnotic weight loss meditation / visualization session then pay to read a story about someone who just wished his or her weight away.

One prime reason many people grow fatter day by day is because we are influenced by the Madison Avenue advertising tactics of those who manufacture processed foods employ to entice us into eating too much of the wrong kinds of food and we simply do not move our bodies enough to fire up our metabolism to burn the fat off.

Unless we pay attention to our lifestyle choices as we age and grow older we tend to slow down and move a little less each year. As we slow down so does our metabolism. And because of a slower metabolism each year we require less calories daily to maintain our body weight. But most of us never slow down on our consumption of food. In fact, for most just the opposite is true.

So the first real key to fast and permanent weight loss is to 'Fire up your metabolism' through exercise so your body will burn more calories even when its at rest.

The second key to weight loss is to simply eat more of the right kinds of food so there will be less temptation for you to eat cheap junk food. The more raw, whole, live, organic fruits and vegetables you choose to substitute for processed foods the better. Ideally one should strive for a 70 to 90% raw organic diet. One of the easiest ways to get started is to drink a delicious and nutritious 'Green Smoothie' which is simply a blended fruit smoothie with plenty of added greens in it like baby leaf spinach and kale. In his book 'Recipes For Health and Pleasure' Dr. David Phillips says 'When the diet includes a significant majority of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, ones chances of developing obesity are almost zero. And the extent to which processed and cooked foodstuffs replace the raw is invariably the degree by which the body develops overweight problems'.

The third key to fast and permanent weight loss is the glue that helps you stick to living a healthy lifestyle. That key is to get and give support to yourself and others by joining and participating in a community of positive like minded individuals who will encourage and help one another to achieve their goal of fast and permanent weight loss. So get yourself a few diet buddies online or off because when it comes to weight loss you need all the positive support you can find. Invite your best diet buddy to watch this Free Video

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