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In the world we live in, we expect instant results in everything that we do. We can order that cheeseburger really fast, and after we gain weight from eating tons of unhealthy foods, we then expect immediate weight loss results. The reality of the situation is that you cannot expect to lose a few years worth of weight in a few minutes.

With these all or nothing thoughts, it's easy to see why the weight loss community is a billion dollar business. It does not matter how ridiculous the weight loss program or diet drug is. Millions of people will buy into the concept because they hope that it can work for them.

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Many of these weight loss drugs have a claim that you can lose weight by taking these pills, and you won't have to exercise or change your eating habits. With claims like these, you should walk the other way.

When it comes to losing weight, one of the hardest things to tackle is attempting to lose the pounds and keep them off for good. Creating a healthy diet is one step, but if you don't add exercise to the list, you won't lose all the weight and you won't tighten your skin and muscles, the way that you can with the advantage of exercise.

When you think of weight loss drugs remember three things. The first thing to note is that a huge majority of these drugs do not work. Millions of people buy them with high hopes and they toss them in the garbage a short while later. The problem is that they will go and buy more drugs with false claims.

The second thing that you should keep in mind is that the drugs that do work tend to have huge negative consequences or even fatal flaws. Fen-phen was a drug that contained both fenfluramine and phentermine, hence the name. This drug was great in that it did actually help a lot of people with their desires to lose weight. Unfortunately, they paid with damaged heart valves.

The last thing to remember is that even over the counter drugs can be as dangerous or as deadly as prescription drugs such as Fen-phen. Many of these drugs come with side effects listed all over them but people ignore them in hopes that they will lose weight easily and without exercise.

There is no magic pill or patch that can help you to get a movie star body without having to leave the couch. However you can feel a high and great about yourself when you exercise. Prescribe yourself some exercise as a pill to lose weight and let those endorphins kick in, leaving you feeling fantastic. If you eat well and add fitness regiment to your lifestyle, you can lose weight and build muscle to have a lean and toned body.

You don't have to starve yourself, and you don't have to over do it to lose weight. Just exercise, eat smaller portions and eat healthier foods.

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