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Kevin Trudeau is name that almost everyone in the west remembers. He introduced so many different techniques and other such stuff that he attracted a lot of people into his concept of alternative medicine. His concept of alternative medicine was unique and got the attention of millions of people around the world. Kevin Trudeau weight loss became very popular and a lot of people tried out his weight loss methods which were unique and stood out from any other weight loss methods which were practiced by people and preached by gurus at that point of time. So, Kevin Trudeau weight loss gained tremendous popularity and shortly became popular with a large number of people and almost became a hot trend at that point of time.

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Kevin Trudeau weight loss became very popular in a short period of time thanks to a controversy which happened at that point of time. Kevin actually claimed that his weight loss method was the most effective one of all the other such weight loss methods available in the market at that point of time. He also claimed that advocates of western medicine did not want people to know the true concepts behind weight loss and other such things. This created a huge controversy at that point of time and Kevin became the center of attraction for a lot of people both in the right manner and in the wrong manner. However, thanks to all such controversy, he became popular like anything with the people in his area and even from a lot of other countries. Magazines were talking about him, TV channels were talking about him, radio channels were talking about him, and he became very popular within a short period of time thanks to all these controversial claims that he made about his weight loss method.

After some time, there was a big accusation against Kevin Trudeau weight loss methods and some people found out that some of his claims were not exactly true. Following this, the FTC cracked him down and he even spent a couple of years in the Federal prison. However, when it comes to his weight loss method, some people still claim that it works and a lot of other people claim that it does not work. One thing or the other, Kevin Trudeau weight loss has become a name which cannot be forgotten easily by anyone in the industry and even common people around the world.

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