Weight Loss Post Pregnancy - Breastfeeding and Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Is there any connection between Weight Loss Post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? The Weight Loss After Birth is the main problem of many new moms. But don't be too impatient! Life after giving birth typically throws up a new set of problems, which can cut across any plans to lose weight.

If you are losing weight too fast (more than about 2 lbs a week) you run the risk of detoxing a bit into your breast milk.

Are you also feeling like you need to lose pregnancy weight and wondering how it will affect breastfeeding?

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1. Some mothers say they have difficulty losing weight while breastfeeding.

2. Some mothers say they gained weight when they stopped breastfeeding and were not burning as many calories per day.

Is there any connection between Weight Loss Post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? It is hard to say.

* Producing milk for baby takes a lot of extra energy, about 200-500 extra calories above what mom needs to maintain her weight. The higher caloric requirement for breastfeeding is one reason that extra body fat is stored during pregnancy - so that mom has an available source of extra fuel to make milk. So, breastfeeding creates a unique opportunity to help mom lose fat more quickly by burning up that stored fat.

On the other hand another research claims that it does not appear to help new moms with weight loss post pregnancy quicker.

With new moms, body composition can change quickly after delivery. In the first six months after giving birth, the study's 81 non-breastfeeding mothers lost fat from their whole body, arms, and legs faster than the 87 breastfeeding moms.

* The breastfeeding moms may have also consumed more calories.

* In breastfeeding mothers the hormone prolactin stimulates appetite, as well as prompts milk production, which could account for the extra calories consumed by these women.

* The non-breastfeeding women reported more intense physical activity.

In Conclusion:

There was no influence of lactation on fat mass losses in the women. But there is no doubt that breastfeeding has many advantages for moms and babies. (Certain types of breast cancer may be rarer among women who breastfeed their babies for at least six months.)

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