Why Rapid Weight Loss May Not Be For You

Rapid weight loss, or fast weight loss, is every overweight person's dream. Once the commitment to losing the extra pounds has been made, he/she wants to see results yesterday. Thus, rapid weight loss programs have become very popular in an increasingly obese world. However, before you decide on the best method for slimming down, you need to consult a physician, consider the pros and cons of experiencing rapid weight loss and determine your long-term goals.

Most importantly, you need to talk to your doctor before going on a rapid weight loss program or any other weight reduction diet. Your physician can discuss your options, answer any pertinent health concerns and monitor your progress along the way. He/she can help you maintain a well-balanced diet, while not putting your health at risk.

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One way you can put your health at risk is the misuse of colon cleansing products. Touted as the system-detoxifying answer to rap weight loss, many would-be dieters depend heavily on the product to shed pounds regularly. In actuality, the only benefit is ridding the body of the excess waste stored within the intestinal tract.

In truth, you will have to adhere to a specific diet, often times liquids, for a day or two prior to taking the medicine meant to rid the body of 4-8 pounds of waste. However, once the process is done, if a person continues to eat as before, the body will begin storing the waste and the pounds will quickly return. Unfortunately, using colon cleansing products more often than recommended can be detrimental to overall health, and the rapid weight loss will not be worth the consequences.

Realistically, to avoid the consequences of fad diets and rapid weight loss gimmicks, you doctor will probably prescribe a lifestyle change. Why? Diets only work for as long as an individual sticks to the program. Once the ideal weight is realized, if the person resumes old eating habits, the pounds will come back more rapidly than any fast weight loss.

Thus, a lifestyle change is definitely in order. When you decide to shed the extra weight, have a long-term goal of maintaining a healthy body. Start by cutting back on caloric intake. Tell the donuts good bye; do not even bother leaving junk food in the cupboards, to tempt you at a week moment. Learn to eat to live and not live to eat. Your doctor likely will have recommended the amount of calories necessary for an individual of your age, gender and overall metabolism.

However, if you want to experience rapid weight loss, you need to do more than eat healthier. You need to burn those calories and turn the excess fat into healthy muscles. Even a half hour of sweat-building exercise, three or four times a week, will help you to lose those excess pounds faster and help you live healthier.

So, if you are considering a rapid weight loss program, good for you! You have taken the first step toward realizing that you need to live a healthier life. However, you should proceed carefully and check with you family doctor. Losing weight fast serves no purpose if you are eventually going to resume your current eating habits. Learn how to make the necessary lifestyle changes to take the weight off and keep it off!

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