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Are you looking for the Best Weight Loss Pills Review, but are unsure of which binding, blocking or burning pills are currently the most effective and safest? Well read on..

Searching for the Best Weight Loss Pills on the market you will soon discover the most popular searched for terms, yet you may be unfamiliar with their availability, their effectiveness and what dangers they pose.

Firstly, let it be clear that weight loss pills used as dieting supplements do work - but their "treatment effects" as the weight loss industry puts it, vary.

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Let's begin by starting with 2007's most popular, yet most risky when it comes to losing weight through the use of weight loss pills.

The "Size Zero" Pill. Considered one of "The" Best Weight Loss Pills in 2007, was and still is in some countries an extremely powerful fat burner. It is not a fat blocker, but rather increases your metabolism rate which subsequently burns fat quicker whilst increasing your heart rate. Developed from its original use which was treat astmha for horses, it is also an extremely powerful appetite suppressant.

You may remember celebrity circles highlighting this pill, (Clenbuterol) as one of the best weight loss pills available, and actresses emerging from the treatment this pill served were undoubtedly looking extremely slim after a prescribed period.

However, it soon became clear that mistaking Clenbuterol as one of the best weight loss pills was unfounded. No clinical trials had been conducted using the "Size Zero" and the "treatment effects" emerging included, a racing heart, the jitters, panic attacks, irregular brain and sleep patterns and more fatally, heart failure.

Clenbuterol was then banned in most European countries and in 2008, once one of the most effective weight loss pills, became a prescription drug "only" in the U.S and is prescribed under strict circumstances.

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