10 Weight Loss Tips To Help You Keep Your New Years' Weight Loss Resolutions

The most common New Year's Resolutions ever - lose weight and get in shape! More than 60% of Americans will agree. If you are one of them, read on...

I have been dealing with weight loss for many years now. I have learned a great deal of knowledge and gained years of experience about weight loss so I am gonna try to help you reach your weight loss goals with these easy-to-digest weight loss tips. They're not exactly easy to follow as it takes a lot of determination and hard work BUT they work and if you are serious about losing weight, these tips can save you a lot of time and effort!

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1. Do some type of cardio exercises on a DAILY basis (walking, jogging, swimming, stationary cycling, aerobic dancing, etc.) Forget about this twice-a-week thing, you want to see weight loss results fast?

Do it on a DAILY basis. When we are, our metabolism is super-charged and it also puts us in a "healthy" frame of mind. If possible, do it in the morning! People who have exercised in the morning make better food choices during the day.

2. Throw in some weight training into your exercise routine. Toning your muscles can boost your metabolism greatly and make you burn more calories, even while you're sleeping!

3. Always eat your breakfast! Skipping breakfast sends a message to your body that you're "starving" because you haven't had food in 18+ hours. As a protective mechanism, your metabolism slows down and your body begins to burn your muscle as fuel.

4. Forget about those rubbish fad diets! For healthy, permanent weight loss results, you need to re-fuel your body with the right nutrients. These include protein, carbohydrates, some fats, etc... Just eat like normal, control your portions, and be slightly selective on the food you take. It's no rocket science! Have I mentioned that you need to forget those crap fad diets?

5. Average out your meals into 6 small to medium meals a day. Developing the right eating habits can train your body to continue working all day long, helping you burn more calories in the process.

6. Don't count calories, you don't need to. Just have a healthy mix of food in appropriate portions. What's fun about eating anymore if you're to carry a calculator around to count calories?

7. Be active. Walk more, climb the stairs, whatever it is, look for the "difficult" way to do things...the way the requires the most effort!

8. Avoid alcohol! It depresses your metabolism, stimulates your appetite and fills you up with calories! Learn to drink green tea instead.

9. Drink at least 8 BIG glasses of water a day. Your body needs plenty water to function properly... especially when you're going through any weight loss programs. Carry a bottle of water with you if you must, drink frequently throughout the day.

10. Avoid the "3 P's"....weight loss pills, powders, and potions! These are to my best knowledge... RUBBISH! In my years of trying out these magic quick fixes, I have encountered NONE that actually work.

Let me guess, you are either excited about the tips and ready to lose weight, OR, you think I am asking too much from you and it is not possible for you.

Well, choose which side you want to be wisely, if you want to lose weight, you need to work at it, you need to work hard, and you need to work smart.

Let me give you an example, both John and Joe is working out an hour a day. John works out in the morning, Joe works out in the evening. After 70 days, John's weight loss results are 3 times higher compared to Joe!

Now why is that so? John works hard and he works smart while Joe only works hard. Think about it my friend!


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